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7 confusing behaviors of cats


7 confusing behaviors of cats | How many do you know?

💤01 Fall asleep anytime, anywhere

No matter at any time and any place, kittens can fall asleep immediately, and in any position, they can sleep when they want to sleep. The social animals are really envious.

💧Drink water from someone's cup

Because cats like to drink fresh water, if they feel that the water in their bowl is not clean, they will find other water to drink. In addition to your cup, there may be faucets, fish tanks and toilets...

🍼 step on milk

Cats have an instinct to increase the secretion of mother's milk when they are young. For adult cats, stepping on milk is not only a simple physiological performance, but also a need for entertainment and trust in the shoveler!

💭 Open your mouth in astonishment

This is actually called the cleft lip olfactory response. There is a vomeronasal organ on the upper jaw of cats, which is also used to distinguish smells. Generally, it will make a sound when the cat smells a pungent smell, and it does not rule out that the cat is in a daze at this moment.

🐾 parkour

The ancestors of cats are wild animals, and running and jumping are necessary hunting behaviors. So parkour is only caused by the nature of cats, the awakening of the blood hahaha!


Generally divided into the following situations:

1. When in heat

2. While stretching

3. Wants to get your mind

4. Swearing

🧸 Liquid Cat

No matter how small the corner is, the little cat can always find a way to get in, and the liquid cat is really hammering!

What other confusing behaviors does your cat have?

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