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Understand the dog's body language in seconds


If you want to understand a dog in seconds ❤️ understand its body language first 🐶

Unlike cats and cats, dogs can express their thoughts and needs through some body language

And the dog's body language is very rich~

🍀Tummy showing: It means surrender, admitting mistakes, obedience and acting like a baby. Dogs will not attack opponents who show their stomachs~ (If the dog shows his belly when he makes a mistake, he can lighten his hand)

🍀Tail wagging: Left and right flicks represent a happy mood; a raised tail represents happiness; a drooping tail represents danger; a motionless tail represents anxiety;

Tucking the tail means fear

🍀Licking mouth: It is a behavior for dogs to relieve stress. It usually occurs when they are trained by the owner after making a mistake

🍀Hand licking: It may be that the dog is hungry or wants you to play with it

🍀Squeeze teeth: Dogs will make this action when they feel scared or threatened, mostly when they protect their food, children, or their belongings

🍀Butt up: It means that the dog is in a good mood now, and invites you to play together, and sometimes it will tilt up its favorite toys

🍀Sleep lying down: It shows that the dog is comfortable with the surrounding environment and relaxed

🍀Avoid petting: The dog is wary of the surrounding environment and refuses petting and food from the owner

🍀Put your ears down: it may be fear and nervousness, if you smile, it is showing weakness and asking for touch

🍀 Ears erect: showing curiosity about the surrounding objects, concentrating, and distinguishing certain sounds

🍀 Licking/biting yourself: It may be that you are not feeling well, you need to check your body

🍀Sniff: It is a way of greeting between dogs. At this time, dogs are more focused and peaceful

🍀Sigh: It may be that the dog feels bored or helpless

🍀Parkour: release energy after eating and drinking

🍀Dodging eyes: that must be a mistake

🍀 Squinting and smiling: Expelling eye diseases, more because the dog is very happy and wants to please you to take it out to play

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