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Raiders of cat cleaning and deodorization


This one will do it for you! Beginners don't miss it!

It was only after I raised a cat that I realized that 🐱 Cats are so cute when they are cute, and they smell so bad when they smell! 😂

The super-detailed cat-raising family deodorization strategy is here, don't miss it for beginners! 😉

🌟Daily cleaning care for cats:

Cleaning the ears and eyes of the cat more often, brushing frequently, brushing the teeth 2-3 times a week, etc., can greatly reduce the possibility of the cat's odor! 😉

🌟Cat environment sterilization and deodorization:

In addition to the cat's odor, cat excrement and supplies are also possible! 🤔

Don't be lazy in raising cats, and you can't miss one of vacuuming, cleaning, and cleaning supplies! Also, keep your home dry and ventilated 🏠

🧹I have used a lot of disinfectants or deodorant sprays since raising pets. Recently, this Freshealth-freshpet disinfectant has won my heart! Needless to say, it is safe for cats, deodorant and antibacterial are also very good! It can effectively kill bacteria + viruses 99.9%! For example, Bordetella can cause respiratory diseases in cats, and herpes virus can cause cat flu. ⚠️ Especially in the cat litter box, cat climbing frame, cat scratching board and other hard-hit areas where bacteria breed, be sure to spray regularly to disinfect! Otherwise, the cat will get sick easily! ⚠️

It is recommended for sisters who have high requirements for pet raising environment and want cats to grow up healthily!

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