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I heard that your kitten doesn't like drinking water?


💖Sharing of cat raising experience.

Today I will share with you ten tips that can help kittens drink more water.

💦Calculation of daily water intake:

Calculate the amount of water your cat needs based on the cat's weight.

For example, if your cat weighs 1kg, it needs about 44-66ml of water per day.

Please check the little tricks for cheating:

💦Ensure the water is clean

1⃣ Cats do not like to drink water, most likely because the water source is not clean!

2⃣ It is very important to clean the water bowl regularly!


💦Adjust the water temperature

1⃣ Like us, cats have different drinking water needs in different seasons. You can add some ice cubes to the water in summer and warm water in winter to increase the pleasure of drinking water!

💦 Let the water move

1.Cats like flowing "living water", which is one of the factors for cats to judge whether the water is clean.

2.You can buy an automatic water dispenser to create the effect of flowing water, and some have a filtration system, so the water quality is relatively clean.

3.You can also DIY by yourself, a deep water bowl + water circulation pump is OK


💦Pay attention to the placement of the water bowl

❌Do not put it near the cat toilet, this will make the small cleanliness cat feel that the water is not clean and resist drinking.

❌Do not put it next to the cat food bowl, it will make the cat develop the habit of drinking water only when eating.

1⃣ You can set up more drinking points and water bowls in the areas or passages where cats live and play.

💦 Eat more wet food

1⃣Wet food has 7-8 times the water content of dry food, so feeding wet food to cats can also add some water.

💦 Use your water glass for it

1⃣If your cat also likes to drink the water in your water cup, you might as well buy a water cup and come back and try it; I use this trick every time to trick my cat to drink, every time I lie to a quasi-hh

💦Dry food soaked in water

1⃣If your cat does not have a cold on wet food, you can also try adding water to dry food, but you should add a small amount when adding, so as to avoid too much water diluting the original taste of the food. Add a tablespoon or two at first, then increase the water little by little if the cat doesn't resist.

💦Add catnip occasionally

2⃣Most cats like catnip. Occasionally adding a little catnip to the water can also increase the frequency of cats drinking water~

💦Drink goat milk powder

1⃣If the cat really resists drinking water, you can try feeding goat milk powder.

💦 drink soup

1⃣Boiled or steamed, the thicker the better, the aroma of the meat will make the cat can't help but come over, but don't add seasoning!

❌Irrigation with a syringe?

Some people may use a syringe to fill the cat with water, which is likely to cause a stress response in the cat! Syringe irrigation is still not easy to try, so as not to outweigh the gains.

Have you lost your ten tips? Welcome to leave a message how you made the kitten fall in love with drinking water?

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