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Cat Growth Calendar at Each Stage 📅|Newbie Cat Raising Guide 🐈


Raising a cat from childhood to adulthood, and raising it in vain and fat is a sense of accomplishment! Raising a cat is not difficult but it is not very simple, there are still many details in it! Check it out today!

▪️Milk cat period "0-February".

👉🏼1. Under the condition that the mother cat has sufficient motherhood, the cat's eating, drinking and leasing can basically be done without worry or intervention, so as to supplement the mother cat's nutrition and check the condition of the cat's cub regularly.

👉🏼2. If the stray kitten/mother cat does not raise the kitten, the owner needs to make an incubator to feed the kitten without interruption, help the kitten to excrete, and teach the cat to eat food and go to the toilet independently.

📌 7-week-old deworming, 8-week-old vaccine.

▪️Kitten period "3 months to about 1 and a half years old"

The kitten stage is the period of rapid growth of cats, and from February to May is the high incidence period of virus🦠. Usually, cats at this stage are adopted and leave the mother cat, and the maternal antibody disappears. In addition, the stress response caused by changing the environment will lead to self-resistance. Power drops, so be careful!

📍Choose healthy, safe and brand-guaranteed cat food - the cornerstone of a healthy diet, 0 grains, 0 starch, 0 meat meal, 0 food attractants, safe and hypoallergenic cat food! Only by eating well can you grow healthily.

It also contains targeted nutritional supplements: active probiotics, lecithin, DHA, etc.

The packaging is also an environmentally friendly ♻️ canning process, 🉑️ natural degradation.

The most important thing is that the metal jar can effectively prevent cats from chewing on the packaging bag, which can better preserve cat food.

👉🏼 Disinfect before arriving home to ensure that the breeding environment is hygienic, ventilated and illuminated.

👉🏼After the cat is stable, gradually increase the variety of the cat's diet.

📌Full set of vaccines💉About 4 months old, when the vaccine is not complete, try not to bathe the cat unless it is necessary.


▪️Adult cat period "1 and a half to 7 years old"

The diet in adulthood is not much different from that in childhood, but the kitten food should be replaced with adult cat food. The points to pay attention to are:

1. Water intake. Cats who eat dry food are prone to lack of water. Adult cats will be lazy. You can prepare more wet food or homemade flavored water.

2. Exercise to prevent obesity

3. Consider sterilization and choose as needed

After the age of 4 and 5, the peristaltic ability of the intestines has decreased significantly, and more attention should be paid. Daily hair removal can be arranged.

▪️Old cat period "after 7 years old"

The number of cats getting sick began to increase, and the appearance was obviously aging

👉🏼Diet, digestible cat diet

👉🏼Drinking water, necessary water is still very important

👉🏼 Give cats proper exercise, but do not exercise vigorously

👉🏼 Supplement with health care products that are good for the body

👉🏼Regular physical examination, a lot of company and love

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