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The dog knows what time you get off work!


⌛️ "A dog's nose can sense the passage of time"

Why Do Dogs Know When You Get Off Work? Do they tell the time?

A dog is an animal that likes to live a regular life. It lives with you for a long time and forms a biological clock corresponding to you. You don't even need to look at the clocks on the wall, as they will naturally remind you when the time is up.

For example, if you get up at 7 o'clock every day and take it for a walk, it will take the initiative to wake you up at this time;

When lunch time comes, it will also stand in front of its own small bowl ahead of time.

You must be wondering why you get home from get off work at 6:00 every day, but the dog always waits for you at the door at 5:30?

Do dogs know the time? Does your heart melt when you open the door to welcome you?


There's a theory that explains this phenomenon - a dog's nose senses the passage of time.

Horowit, founder of the Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard College, discusses this phenomenon in her book.

Experiments have shown that dogs can sense time by smell.

There are hundreds of millions of receptor cells in the dog's nose. If the human sense of smell must be made into ordinary-definition video, then the dog's nose is an ultra-high-definition video.


For dogs, different times of the day, morning, noon, afternoon, and evening have different smells.

As the owner is away from home for longer and longer, the smell of the owner of the home will become less and less.

The dog recognizes the odor concentration at the moment before the owner goes home, and then at this odor concentration the next day, it can sense that the owner is about to return.

Some dogs actually don't just wait in advance when you get home.

Many owners who have installed monitoring have found that when their dogs are at home alone, they will lie at the door or look out the window, just to hope that the owner will come back soon.

We all know that dogs are very loyal, and at the same time, dogs have a very short life, starting at the age of 6 and entering old age.

They are willing to spend most of their lives waiting for you to come home, so I hope you can spend more time with them.

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