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Shenzhen Nanshan Freshealth Medical Healthcare Industry co,LTDhereinafter referred to as Freshealth) is a comprehensive modern science-and-technology enterprise. Three  series of products were created and produced by our company, they are air sterilizer,cleaning -disinfectant and smart pet products  respectively. Freshealth company lies in Shenzhen High Tech Industry Zone, where is famous for densely listed particularly innovated companies,such as Tencent,ZTE and Lenovo which all set their headquarters or research -development centers here,therefore we all call this area as south silicon valley China, which means Freshealth  is  an outstanding technology enterprise too.

Freshealth has  cooperated with Dalian Physics and Chemical Engineering Institute closely in a long term,which is a affiliated agency of Chinese Academy of Sciences. For example,One of materials ASC-28Namometer comes from that agency, which uses as cleaning and disinfecting dog or cats bowls ,drinking fountain,it is safe and friendly to animals.

Freshealth company has dozens of research-development team members and there are more than 200 practical workers who are working and producing every day  in a area of 15000M2 modern factory. Aftermany years hard working ,Freshealth company has gained dozens of patents domestically and internationally, it is really a innovative firm.

We sincerely look forward to those who are respected in science ,pets lover and life loving friends will hand us ,then we will create and build higher sweeter quality life together for you,for pets for the harmonious world in the nearly future.



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